Brewery Spotlight ft Wolf Hills Brewing Co

Brewery Spotlight ft Wolf Hills Brewing Co

This weeks Thirsty Orange Brewery Spotlight features Wolf Hills Brewing Co out of Abington, VA!  We are so excited to have them at the 8th Annual Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza! Read below for some fun facts about the brewery, how it came into existence, and what they might be bringing to the festival this year! 


What’s your name & roll at your brewery?

Chris Burcher, president, co founder, brewery manager 


What’s your brewery ‘creation story’?

I couldn’t find the beer I wanted to drink in 2009 (because the distributors largely ignored rural areas thinking we weren’t ‘sophisticated’ enough for craft beer) so I made it in my garage. My garage was full of people. Seemed logical to try and make beer commercially/professionally.  Back then we couldn’t see pints so we did mostly growlers and keg distribution until 2012 when Virginia allowed pints and tasting rooms. 


Have you been to thirsty orange before?

I have at least been to the Oktoberfest 


What is your favorite thing about Thirsty Orange?

Large crowd, great beer, great home-brew and seems to be a great organization 


What are your favorites beer right now?

I’m still into hops so all the IPA variations. And well made non-fruited mixed fermentation beers. But 80% of what I drink are low ABV aromatic pale ales 


What do you have in the tanks right now?

Blackberry kettle-soured gose, a traditional Kolsch, Wolf’s Den Double IPA, and Fightin Parsons Pale Ale 


Anything extra special we can expect to see at Thirsty Orange?

Hard to say what will be available but perhaps the BB Gose and maybe a special barrel aged beer. If our distributor will buy it, of course:/  


Finish these sentences…

The first beer I remember drinking… Milwaukee’s Best

Beer goes best with…my thirst for one

Best time of day to drink beer is…evening

The best part of drinking beer is… hop aromatics


If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, do it.. do it right now! Time is running out! Tickets available HERE!