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APRIL IS THE OFFICIAL TENNESSEE CRAFT BEER MONTH! Declared by a State House Joint Resolution recognizing the 18-percent growth rate of craft beer production in the Volunteer State, and a 17-percent growth rate of sales.  Tennessee’s approximately 30 craft breweries employs 29,000 people in the state, ranking it 24th nationally…more TNBeerMonth189x
IronBrewer_2015logo188x TENNESSEE IRON BREWER CHALLENGE Brewers compete for the title of the Tennessee Iron Brewer, where each brewer adds a secret ingredient to their beer. Everyone gets a chance to select your favorite in this competitive event where Brewers show their talent and skill for the TENNESSEE IRON BREWER title.
MOBILE INFUSERS You want a Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Ale infused with Pecan Pie? Done. We bring an amazing array of incredible infusions running 2 mobile infusers throughout the day from mango & coconut to jalapeño & ginger Thirsty Orange--Spring 2012
mixology BIG ORANGE MIXOLOGY STATION Have your beer, your way. The Big Orange Mixology Station combines mixology and craft beer for a creation ordered up just how you like it. Shaved chocolate, boba balls, tomato juice and more. Have your beer, your way !
TriCityBeerWeek_logo200x TRI-CITIES CRAFT BEER WEEK The Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza is proud to be the Official Closer of the Tri-Cities Beer Week from April 4-11, 2015. For more information, coming soon- www.tricitiescraftbeerweek.com
TENNESSEE CHAMPIONSHIP of BEERS The The Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza will host the 2015 Tennessee Championship of Beers (TCB).  The Tennessee Championship of Beers is born from a need to recognize commercial breweries of the Southeast for the quality pints being served in the region.

ALLEN ROCKHOUSE – Spinning on the One’s and Two’s

Allen RockhouseA veteran DJ for fourteen years, Allen Rockhouse got his start playing with Terrence Young under the roof of a partially built house. Working for years to master his skills, Allen Rockhouse now boasts one of the most distinctive scratching styles and a penchant for break-dancing during his sets. Touring all-over the mid-west, Rockhouse has devoted much of his time to perfecting his craft. Rockhouse’s passion for music is evident in all of his sets and his versatile mixes can contain rock, hip-hop, dubstep, breaks, and more. Rockhouse’s enthusiasm behind the decks is absolutely contagious and crowds can’t help but be moved when he is behind the one’s and two’s.



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