Bringing that Flavor

1Cable TV & Top 50 Festivals
Through 2020, Superfly produced a “Top 50 Festival” as rated by Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine, “Top 5 Festival in US” by Beer Yeti, “Top 7 Oktoberfest in US” by Paste Magazine and was filmed for a series on the Game Show Network with former host of Cash Cab, Ben Bailey
2East TN Craft Beer Events
Superfly Fabulous Events produce East Tennessee craft beer events including Brewly Noted Beer Trail, Tri-Cities Craft Beer Week, Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza, Tennessee Oktoberfest in Kingsport, Brewhibition, Blue Hop BrewHaHa, Tennessee Championship of Beers. We also published East Tennessee Beer – A Fermented History through Acadia and History Press Publications.
3A Different Approach to Craft Beer
Superfly Fabulous brings craft aficionados a different approach to craft beer by focusing on the art of the brewing process and education. Our unique festivals featuring Cloning, Beer/Cheese Pairings, Beer Gone Bad, 5 year Verticals, Collaborations, Casks, Brewzilla Competitions, Wild Yeast Comps & more.
4Craft, Craft & More Craft
Superfly Fabulous ( brings you craft events throughout the region including All Ale to the Queen Beer Carnival, Brewhibition, Westside Fest, Brewers Summit, Colorado Cider and Beer Circus, Beer City Bus Tours and more. In addition, we bring other fabulous events to the southeast such as the Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza, Thirsty Orange Beer Dinner, Tennessee Iron Brewer Challenge, Tennessee Oktoberfest in Kingsport, Beer University, Brewer’s Summit and more. In our world, craft is truly king.

Good Times

1Tennessee Beer Pride
April is Tennessee Craft Beer Month, and there is no better way than to support craft beer than to support Tri-Cities Craft Beer Week (, of which the Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza is a proud sponsor.
2Save Money
Don’t pay more for your tickets. Ticket prices go up as you get closer to the festival, so use some of that hard earned money on an incredible Chimichanga instead of paying more for a ticket.
3Don't Watch I Love Lucy Reruns
Get your tickets early. If we sell out, and you want to come, there is a good chance you’ll be depressed and upset when all your friends are at the fest. When that happens, you are likely to go home, eat ice cream and watch “I Love Lucy” reruns. Don’t let that happen to you.
4So Where's the Fest?
Founders Park in Johnson City, TN

The Day Of

1Arrive Early
Plan to arrive an hour before the festival so you can avoid the long lines and get ID and checked early.
2Over 21 Event
It goes without saying, but this is an over 21 event. Minors won’t be permitted at the event. If this event were in Germany, you’d be fine to be 18 and drink. Unfortunately, since it’s Johnson City it’s 21.
3Special Brews & Infusers
Make sure to follow us on Twitter and check out the whiteboard at the merchandise stand to see when & where the infusers will be tapped along with the special brews and casks.
4No Pet Monkeys
Although we certainly appreciate and are quite fond of monkeys, we sadly have to say that monkeys won’t be allowed at this year’s fest. Check back next year.